Nightmare Night 2017 Event Annoucement!

Started by Zeckal Bloom, October 27, 2017, 09:32:00 pm

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Zeckal Bloom

The chill of winter sweeps ever closer

It's time for a Nightmare tonight

Image is from Marenlicious

It's time to rot our teeth out with free candy. That's right! Nightmare night!
We've promised something for so long, and we're going to deliver for this event!

Pre-Event Activity
With the return of our Mythic world, so too shall the Pumpking! Specialized Halloween mobs are spawning, and everything is dropping pumpkins!

Pre-Event starts on October 28th and will run to the end of the event.
Main event times will be November 11th from 3:00pm PST to 9:00pm PST and November 12th from 3:00pm PST to 9:00pm PST

Why so late?
Thanks for being patient this year, we've been getting some stuff right and ready and had scheduling trouble right around the holiday itself.

The main activities will be located within the Everfree ruins! Activities can take place all over Equestria. Pre-Event is located throughout Mythic World

There will be numerous things to do!

Return of our classic Haunted Houses
Annual Sunnytown Title Run
and more!

The Classics will make their return, such as bobbing for apples and the dunk tank!
Brand New Corn Maze
and more!

Costume Contest
Trick or treating
And more!

Costume Contest Details
The costume contests will take place two times
5:00pm - 6:00pm PST November 11th and 12th
First Contest - Pony Skin Contest! Judges will be using the MineLittlePony mod! 5:00pm
Second Contest - Any Skin Contest! Judges will only use vanilla Minecraft! 5:00pm
To help anyone making skins, you will be judged in 3 categories for a final score:
Theming (Spooky and/or Halloween themed (remember people, things like Fairies or Zelda are normal in MC)),
Quality (detail and composition),
Understandability (we should know what you are trying for in general terms)
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