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Return of the Guard

Started by Zeckal Bloom, July 12, 2017, 12:53:25 am

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Zeckal Bloom

Reintroducing a staff rank, the Guard!

Art by Equestria-Prevails

We think we finally have a good feel for how we want the application system to work. Here's the basic rundown on the new system!

-First things first-

This rank will sit between recruit and moderator in staff positioning.
The rank of guard should be considered a contract. After several months, staff shall review their activity and either return them to normal player status or offer to extend their tenure another several months.

-On the forums-
Any player can submit an application to the Staff application forum section, the format of applications will radically change.
We can select from these applications for new staff members.
Once a round of selections has been made, all applications will be wiped from the section.
Once the applications are cleared, anyone can submit again for the next selection round.
Multiple candidates may be selected, or none at all.
Many things, such as online activity and how applicants socialize with others on the server, shall contribute to the selection process.
An application and player may be a good choice, but still be denied for more external reasons, such as simply not needing more help at that time.
We will attempt to have selection rounds quarterly.

-In the game-
Players selected from the applications will receive the recruit rank, in the same way as we do now. This rank has limited powers to let new members get used to the commands.
Players will be upgraded to the Guard rank at a faster rate than the previous Recruit -> Moderator time span.
Guards will have powers to help with the general quality and security of the server, but will not be expected to create content or debug technical problems like Moderators do.

-Final Note-
Depending on the situation a Guard may be promoted to moderator, or given builder powers. Similar to what we look for in builders and moderators currently. This is not a guaranteed road to becoming a mod, we are expecting several guards to stay in that position.

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Its been a long time since we've had guards! Awesome!
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Ooh, this is a lot more interesting.

I am on very often, and I like helping out with things, but I wasn't sure I wanted to be a full moderator quite yet. Even with the training of a recruit, I wanted the more long-term experience.

With this intermediary position, I might be able to help people like I want, without having the pressures of a full Moderator.


It has been awhile I about forgot about it lol. I may have to apply since I just lost my job & maybe able to on more till my child is born.


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Glad some of my suggestions on applications from a while back finally got through. I look forward to the betterment of staff as a whole that should stem from this.
I may very well plan on applying myself soon when my life stops eating up a majority of my focus right now.
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