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on: May 04, 2019, 12:28:12 AM
Well folks!

It has been a while since I have gotten to really hang out with y'all!

Not really sure who will be reading this, since the last new thread was posted over a month ago, but oh well I guess.

Anyway, status update. Cons. Cons cons cons. So many cons.

I recently made a horrible decisions to attempt to go to ALL the cons. I literally mean every single con I can possibly stuff into a year. This is a horrible idea. Anyway, since I wanna hang out with all of ya'll I'm just gonna post everything for this entire year, including past cons (hey maybe you were there this past year, and might still be in the area! Many cons are in the same cities I've noticed.)

I also cross through a lot of different cities and towns while driving, so there's a good chance I will come near you at some point this year.

Anyway, here's the master list. Starting from January 1st 2019.

SacAnime - January 3-6 - Sacramento, CA
Vanhoover Pony Expo - January 11-13th - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Further Confusion - January 17-21 - San Jose, CA
Painted Desert Fur Con - Feb 1-3 - Phoenix, AZ
HarmonyCon - Feb 8-10 - Dallas, TX
Galactic Camp - Feb 23 - San Francisco, CA
VancouFUR - Mar 8-10 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Furnal Equinox - Mar 15-17 - Toronto, Canada (LOL I got thrown out of Canada trying to go to this one)
Texas Furry Fiesta - Mar 28-31 - Dallas, TX
Whinny City Pony Con - Apr 5-7 - Chicago, IL
BABSCon - Apr 19-22 - San Francisco, CA (I was running this convention x.x)
Big Little Fur Con - May 15-19 - Reno, NV
Confuzzled - May 23-26 - Birmingham, UK (LOL I'M GOING TO LONDON)
SacAnime - June 7-9 - Sacramento, CA
MLP MSP F - June 14-16 - Minneapolis, MN - Unconfirmed, highly likely though
Trotcon - July 19-21 - Columbus, OH
Anthro Weekend Utah - July 19-21 - Salt Lake City, UT
Galacon - July 27-29 - Stuttgart, Germany (HORSEY BOIS GERMANY TRIP)
Bronycon - Aug 1-4 - Baltimore, MD (YOU CAN'T MISS THE LAST ONE)
Denfur - Aug 2-4 - Denver, CO
Camp Tiny Paws - Aug 9-11 - Danbury, CT
Megaplex - Aug 8-11 - Orlando, FL
Alicon - Aug 17-18 - Adelaide, Australia (HORSEY BOIS AUSTRALIA TRIP)
Eurofurence - August 14-18 - Berlin, Germany (BACK TO GERMANY FOR THE SECOND TIME IN LESS THAN A MONTH. Yes it conflicts with Australia. Somebody lucky is getting a free vacation to either Australia or Germany.)
SpokAnthro - August 23-25 - Spokane, WA
(2 or three other cons here, which I am forgetting at the current moment)
Ponyville Ciderfest - Nov 1-3 - Milwaukee, WI
Midwest FurFest - Dec 5-8 - Chicago, IL

I'm also working on adding 4-5 cons to the tail end of the year, but it's too early to know which ones lol!

You gotta be crazy to do all these cons.


Hopefully I'll see some of you!