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on: May 29, 2016, 01:18:58 AM
Alright, It's finally here.

We've been fiddling with this thing long enough, time to actually open up newspawn!

The Basics:
New Spawn will now be the freebuild's warp point. Whenever you warp to freebuild, you will end up in the newspawn location.
Buildings and everything around Current spawn will be left untouched, the only things that will move will be the class books and starter gear.
You can build normally once outside the rings surrounding New Spawn.
A new 'How to claim a Spawn Region' book will be included in the starter gear

The Rings:
The rings themselves are large protected pathways surrounding the spawn area.
Inside the rings are semi-protected building areas.
Theses small area's will have height and size limitations.
All paths located inside the circles will be protected (and the air above them).

Claiming an area:
Simply ask a staff member to claim an area that you wish to build on inside the rings.
Staff will do these claims manually to promote interactions as well as to slow people hot-swapping locations.
You may own 1 location inside the protected areas (for now).
Each area has a limited build region to promote equality in the builds near spawn.
You can not build over paths, and only build to a certain height.
You can build normally inside a claimed area.
If all area's are full, You can contest a claimed area where the owner has been inactive

Keeping an area claimed (and/or loosing one):
Your build will never be deleted, only moved to an 'island of the dead' type location.
You must be active to keep rights to a claimed spawn area. (Similar to Canon name rules)
You must use your location at least somewhat regularly.
You should prevent large entity build ups in your location. (Large animal farms/item frame displays can cause client-side frame drops and will be culled regularly)
You should upgrade your build to look respectable. (The HOA is gonna fine you for your silly dirt survival cube)
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Reply #3 on: May 29, 2016, 05:15:26 AM
I wanted the plot across from Trixie's that I requested earlier but the region wouldn't work. Someone took it but I already had claims on it......
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YUY!!  :pinkiehappy:

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:( :( :(

Crap, I haven't had the chance to finish my island.

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Omae wa mou... shindeiru...


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