Chest Shops Tutorial

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on: January 30, 2016, 02:46:23 PM
Chest Shops!

Ok poners, so when we introduced HyperConomy to our server we also brought in a wonderful little thing called chest shops. Here I'm going to provide you with a tutorial on how to set one up yourself. Now before we begin, I like to address some possible concerns as to why one should invest time into making chest shops. Well let me provide you with some reasons why you should use a chest shop.
  • It's simple to setup and easy to use.
  • No more worrying about your money being stored in a sign as it goes straight into your wallet.
  • Since we are phasing out essentials signs, you will have no other choice.
Had to reinforce that last point, we are phasing out essential signs for numerous reasons your friendly staff member can explain if they wish. :ajsmug:

Now onto the meat and potatoes of this wonderful salty stew, CHEST SHOPS! How do you set one up and how do they work?
It's easy as pie. Here I will go into detail explaining this incredibly easy process.

Setting up a Chest Shop

Ok for starters what you want to do is make sure you have a sign, a chest, at least 2 blocks to place behind the chest, and items you wish to buy, sell, or trade. So now that you have your materials, what you need to do is take the two blocks and place one down and the other on top of it making a wall. Now place the chest in front of the bottom block and a sign on the second block. It needs to be on the second block above the chest for it to work.

Don't put any items into the chest before placing the sign or you will get an error. Also double chest will not register with the chest shop sign. So it will need to be a single chest.

Now that you have placed the sign you should put the amount you are trading items for. So for example I would put down $7.50 so that the items are being traded for $7.50 bits.
Now on the second line you need to put down either [buy], [sell], or [trade].

Let me explain how [buy], [sell], and [trade] work.

The [buy] chest will only allow players to purchase items from the chest.

The [sell] chest will only allow players to sell items to the chest.

The [trade] chest will allow players to both buy and sell items from the chest.

Now you can press done. once you have finished the sign you may now put whatever item you are trading into the chest. The price you put down is PER ITEM, NOT PER STACK

That is pretty much it for setting up a chest shop. Told you it was simple.

The end result should resemble this image here

To remove a chest shop you must hold down shift to break the sign.

Now I know some of you may ask, "How do I use a chest shop?" Well look no further you silly pones. All you need to do is drag the items to and from the chest to make the transactions.

here is a simple gif showing you how to use a chest shop

Now go out there and be the salty pones I know you can be!

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