The Bukkit Bedlam Saga & You

Some of you might be aware of the drama going on surrounding Bukkit. How will their business affect the server?

Well for now, we can run on the current Bukkit version as long as we need to, so if we need to jump ship from Bukkit, we have all the time in the world to figure out where we go next. It’s not going to affect anything further than that.

So, for those of you who are worried, it’ll be okay. For those of you are still confused, links to information are after the break: Read more ›

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Forum Downtime

The forums are currently down to a database issue which requires the involvement of our web host. The wheels of contacting the web host have been set in motion, but the extent of our downtime is unknown. Just a headsup.

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Announcing: Lounge Access changing August 1st!

Announcement: Opening of the Lounge

All right everypony! Got another update coming your way. Starting on August 1st access to the Lounge creative world will be changing in compliance with Mojang’s updated EULA requirements. Now this is a two part announcement, since some things are going to be changing over time.

The Lounge world will now be able to be accessed by all users. The ultimate plan is to have Lounge access granted to users by completing a currently under construction server dungeon. More details about this dungeon will be released and updated as time goes on and it nears completion. What this means is that upon completing the dungeon, users will be granted permanent access to the Lounge world for creative play!

Since the dungeon still needs to be completed, and the MLC staff want to be sure we’re not stepping on Mojang’s toes, access to the Lounge will be available for non donators for a price upon entry. Every time a non-donator enters the Lounge, they will be charged 200 bits to go there. This is only a temporary cost for entry, and will be removed once access can be earned through the dungeon.

That the gist of things, but in case there are those of you who need more specified answers, feel free to read below! In the mean time, Happy Minecrafting!

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Introducing MLC’s new Internet Relay Chat!


Art by Coin-Trip39 


All right everypony! We’re bringing out a new thing for all of you who like to chat and hang out.  Introducing MLC’s new IRC, or Internet Relay Chat!

(UPDATE: If you were kicked early on due to sessions limits, that issue should be fixed now. If you have problems connecting, let staff know through the forums or other means. Thanks!)

Many of you are probably already in the MLC Official Skype chat. We think it’s wonderful to have a place for the community to come together and talk about things while not playing  Minecraft or another game. This is our newest iteration of a chat for any and all to hop into, and is one that will hopefully be more accessible for users!

You can find a link to the chat -here- and down below will be all kinds of information and important commands for those of you who want to know more!

For the time being enjoy the new chat, and happy Minecrafting!

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That’s right everyone, it’s time for the Summer Sun Celebration! Not only is it time for the Summer Solstice, but for those of you who live in the United States, Independence Day is right around the corner too. NOT ONLY THAT, but the server anniversary is on June 27th! So We’re wrapping this all up into one big pile of party!


The Festivities will begin at 12:00pm PST (NOON) Saturday June 28th and continue on June 29th at 12:00pm PST (NOON)


In minecraft around Ponyville and Everfree


We’ve got 3 reasons to celebrate this time, So we’re giving you all something big to play with. For the Summer Sun Celebration we will have multiple challenges based on the Friendship is Magic Pilot!
That’s Right! We are going to recreate the fateful Ponyville Summer Sun Celebration for the Summer Sun Celebration!
Keep your eyes out for descriptions of each event as they are added


Ever wanted to go insane from sleep deprivation? Well if you want to, join in with some of us who are going to stay up and welcome the dawn on Sunday the 29th

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