The 2015 Hearth’s Warming Eve Staff Craziness and Q&A Stream Day 1 & 2

After over a month of procrastination, it’s finally here! Here is the download for the 2015 Hearth’s Warming Eve Staff Craziness Q&A Stream Days 1 & 2. These were streamed live during the server’s Hearth’s Warming Eve Event on December 22nd and 23rd where we answered many and any questions. And if you were there for it, it was pretty crazy.

Featuring the voices of your favorite staff members, including:
Ryanbow_Dash (Rainbow Dash), Ponks (Celestia), Kynrasian (Thunder Flash), Avariel (Luna), Samham (Lyra Heartstrings), Wintres (Stephen Winter), LyraHeartstrings (Pinkie Pie), Zeckalin (Applebloom), itoverNinetho (Fluttershy) & XxF1R3B1RDxX (formerly Vinyl Scratch)!

Hope you enjoy these streams totaling 10 hours whether you were listening live or not, as we sure enjoyed answering your questions. We’ll hopefully be able to make these type of streams more of a regular thing…just not 6 hours, that length of time is more for special occasions.

Anyway, enjoy the craziness!

Day 1 (December 22nd)
Day 2 (December 23rd)

Also, the streams remain mostly uncut except for the music for copyright reasons, and I cut out the Secret Santa derpage in Day 2 because I didn’t think it’d be that entertaining to listen to an hour and a half of us (mainly me) struggling and not answering questions.

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Time to snuggle up with the family, it’s Hearths Warming Eve! (Dec 22nd and 23rd)

Everyone ready for some quality time?
Join our family for Hearths Warming Eve!

Image by Katy Farina

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time to spend some quality time together.[/b][/color] [color=#11cc33][b]So we’ll be throwing a little holiday bash for everyone to enjoy, without the stress of the rest of the year! We’ll be hosting events on December 22nd and 23rd, from 3:00pm to 9:00pm PST. More information can be found HERE.

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Don’t Sleep… The Nightmares are out this night!

That’s right everyone it’s time once again for our biggest fall festival, NIGHTMARE NIGHT! We have been working hard and using polish to give you all the spooky scary challenges, games, and buoyant produce you could ever want.

WHEN:November 1st and 7th, 3:00pm – 9:00pm PST

WHERE:Main Stage will be in Appleloosa, but will go all over Equestria!

More Info HERE

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We were down!

And then we were up. Databases exploded. They are fixed now.

But for how long?

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We’ve returned from the unscheduled maintenance

Some unscheduled downtime going on right now, we’ll tell you pones when we’ve sacrificed enough muffins to get it running again.

Until then, pony on!


We’re back, the server is now only smoldering instead of immolating.

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MLC Server Status
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