Time for that Secret Economy Lollipop

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Like we mentioned in the first economy rework post, It’s time to give everyone a bit of a treat for putting up with our shenanigans. So we’re creating a bunch of special items and throwing a fire sale where you can spend your money before the wallet purge!


More Info in the news Thread!

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Technical Difficulties


We’re back online!

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Get ready to spend, Because it’s time to empty the coin purse!

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Announcing the SHG Economy Rework and Wallet Purge!
It’s about time we patched up our shaky economy, and make the bit actually worth something! There have been a number of problems with the current way everyone can earn money on the server. So we’ve been looking in to how we could make the economy far more useful for everyone.

More info in the news post!

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SQHG GTA V emblem

A Square Horse Gaming now has its own GTA V crew!  The crew is open for anyone to join, so hit up the link below to join.  Feel free to invite anyone you want to join as well.



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Downtime Expected Tonight – Updatin’ Stuff

Routine plugin updates. Expect downtime for a short while tonight. Should be less than 10 minutes of downtime. 8pm pacific time.

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MLC Server Status
MLC Server Status
Online: Yes
Hostname: Mc.SquareHorse.com
Bukkit Version: CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.8.3-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
Players: 6 / 100
MOTD: bMine Little Crafty - SquareHorse.com 9Love is a battlefield.