Freebuild End is back!

The freebuild end is now open for business! Go get some endstone and slay some endermen.

The dragon will spawn…. eventually…. randomly….. and with no warning, so those of you looking to slay the big mean beastie, keep your eye out.

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Tuesday Evening Downtime For Server Maintenance

Server will go down some time Tuesday evening for maintenance. Maintenance is expected to take hours. No one is safe. No one will survive. Well… somepone will. All pones probably.

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The Wait For 1 Point 8

Happy Holidays Poners. I come bearing news. We’ve been testing a 1.8 build of the server and we want to get our upgrade on. But with the holidays right now, we don’t want to interrupt them, so the plan is… Read more ›

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Join us for Hearths Warming Eve! December 18th and 19th





Get your gloves on, go don your fluffy red and white caps, because it’s time for our Hearths Warming Eve Party!

December 18th and 19th
11:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM PST

Minecraft Server:
Most of the festivities will be held in the Equestria world; this time in Canterlot!

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to get in that Holiday Spirit!

We’ll have many decorations!
-Tree with ornaments!
-Giant snowflakes!
-Boxed presents!
-Candy canes!

We’ll also have:
A secret gift exchange wall!
A present pile where you can give and receive presents!
Giant presents for everyone to open!
A brand new Dungeon based on the Hearths Warming Tale!
A new parkour course to satiate those chronic jumpers among us!

We may even bring some other games from previous events!

Don we now our gay apparel! Get some red and green on that skin!

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The SHG TF2 Server Grand Re-Opening!!!

The SHG TF2 Server Grand Re-Opening!!!

 Server IP: or Click here to connect (or simply search for the SHG tag in the Internet tab on the server browser.)

Listen to the announcement here: (

Soldier: “Hello again, Maggots! Eh, not you, Brain Maggot.”
Daring Do: “Uhhh…Soldier? What are you doing announcing MY announcement?”
Soldier: “I have returned from the grave to give the living haircuts.”
Daring Do: “Okay…really… Halloween was more than a week ago and I don’t need a haircut, thank you…”
Soldier: “I am the prettiest unicorn!”
Daring Do: “Okay, no you’re just being silly. Can I just make my announcement now, please?”
Soldier: “Affirmative!”
Daring Do: “Great…thanks.”

Anyway, now that he’s gone, Hey Everypony! And welcome to the Giant TF2 Mega-Announcement-Thing you’ve been waiting for! Now, this might be a bit of a long post, as I have a lot to announce, so, for your convenience, I have provided visual and audio forms of this announcement. The auditory version is located at the top of this post (if you didn’t already see it). And for those who just would rather continue attempting to read this in my voice (or whatever voice you want to try and read this in), we shall resume our textual adventures here. ONWARD!

So, now that the Halloween event has concluded, hopefully you were given a slight taste of what has changed on the server, however, the changes you saw during said event were just the beginning. “There’s more???” Well of course there’s more, you silly, just keep reading like the good pony you are. *pats head*

So the more eagle-eyed readers among you may have noticed a bit of a peek as to what I’m going to list off as I foolishly (or not) temporarily changed the server title to what some of the changes are.

[SHG] Square Horse Gaming [Valve/FF2/PH/Randomizer/TF2W/ZF2]

This was the temp server tile that some of you spotted. Lovely, isn’t it? *cough* Anyway, this title revealed that the server, instead of just carrying Vanilla Valve Maps and gamemodes, will contain multiple community gamemodes and custom maps! And each one can be voted on by everypony on the server! And for those of you who weren’t sure what the abbreviations meant, here’s an explanation:

Valve = These are the default gamemodes you’ve undoubtedly seen while playing TF2 (Arena, Capture the Flag, Capture Points, etc). All of which can be voted for in an end of map vote.

FF2 = Freak Fortress 2, which is a gamemode similar to Verses Saxton Hale, that will force everyone, except one player, to be on RED team and be pitted against an all-powerful being…the one guy on BLU! What? That doesn’t sound epic?! Okay, how about this, the person on BLU is a ripped, supped-up, mega-boss that, with the power of his super jump, goomba-stomp, and rages, has the job of annihilating all of RED team. And RED team’s job? Survive and take down such a super villain (with teamwork!). How does one be one of these incredible beings? Queue Points! The player with the highest queue points will be asked which boss they’d like to be, and next round, will have their opportunity to crack a few RED team skulls. How does one earn queue points? You need to have damaged the boss 100 or more damage points OR survive and defeat the boss with RED team and you’ll earn 10 queue points. Sound simple? We’ll see.

PH = Prop Hunt, which pits BLU team, a bunch of Pyros, against RED team, a bunch of Scouts disguised as props that you would find naturally on the current map. Pyros’ job? Find all the Scout-classed props hidden around the map. Props’ job? Survive and stay hidden until the round time runs out. Think Pyros’ have it easy? Think again. Not only do that have to use their hide and seek skills as well as lose their health each time their flamethrower is used, they must survive the dreaded Last Prop Standing! Doesn’t sound that bad? Get this: the last prop standing gets their loadout’s scattergun and everyone on BLU team gets Jarated for a few seconds. Now try surviving that strange mess. Ick. I’m not cleaning up the map after that…

Randomizer = Randomizer (duh), (which can only be activated using the command /randomizer in chat, which will trigger a vote to turn it on [Only available during Vanilla gamemode type maps]) is a mode that will give everyone on the server a random class, and regardless of the given class, a random loadout. So, you may be given Heavy as a class, but you won’t be given just you’re run of the mill Minigun, Sandvich, and Fists, oh no, you may receive a Scattergun, Jarate, and one of Spy’s knives, or, be a scout with a Sniper Rife, Flare Gun, and the Amputator. The possibilities are crazy and random, hence the name, Randomizer. Not happy with your roll? Tough. You have to wait for someone to kill you first. Then you’ll receive a new insane loadout. Have fun!

TF2W = TF2 Ware (Currently only available by request as I need to figure out a bug that has players download its many files even when the mode is not active). Ever played one of the Wario-ware games by Nintendo? It’s just a TF2 version of that. Haven’t played? Basically all players on the server (regardless of team) are pitted against each other in a series of mini-games, in each of which you’ll be asked on-screen to complete a task. Complete that task and receive 1 point. Fail the task and YOU GET NOTHING! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR! …okay not exactly like that, but, yeah, you just get no points. Then, after a number of mini-games comes a boss stage, which is worth 5 or more points. The player with 15 or more points at the end of the boss stage wins the round and then gets the opportunity to murder everyone after! MWHAHAHHAHAHA!–*cough* *cough* *hack* *weeze*

ZF2 = Zombie Fortress 2, which is a bit of what you’d think. RED are Survivors (Pyros, Snipers, Medics, Engineers, Soldiers, and Demomen) with all their loadout and they must survive the Zombie onslaught by either completing the current map’s objective or by surviving the map’s set survive time limit without everyone falling victim to the zombie horde. Survivors that die are added to the BLU zombie party bus and aid them in taking down their ex-allies. BLUs (Scouts, Heavies, and Spies) are Zombies with only melee weapons that must take down all survivors before they meet the map’s set objective. Watch out!

These being all the available gamemodes current players can choose from while on the server.

Now, was that it? Just a bunch of new gamemodes instead of the previous Vanilla? Nonsense! That’s not all!

In addition to the new gamemodes, these wonderful features have been implemented:

-SaySounds (currently disabled due to a current bug where sound files are not playing), a soundboard style plugin that will allow you to play certain sounds on the server from a list by typing /soundlist in chat or by typing the sound’s name in chat. Players are limited to 5 sounds per map.

-Roll the Dice (only available in Valve-based gamemodes), which is a plugin where you can type rtd in chat to recieve temporary effects on you, such as big head, low gravity, timebomb, and more. Keep in mind, there are perks as well as negative effects. Which will you get? Roll the Dice to find out!

-Ultimate Map Chooser, probably one of the biggest of the major changes on the server. Instead of the previous setup, where there was a predetermined map cycle, now you can vote what you want to do! How to vote? Wait for the map time to reach 6 minutes remaining, then a map vote will activate, first, for which gamemode everyone wants to play next, and then you can vote for a specific map (5 are picked at random) to play next from the winning gamemode. After which, the server will change to the winning map after the remaining current map time runs out/when the last round is completed when the map time is at 0.

-Mayor Mare, now a TF2 buff, has now taken residence on the TF2 server as well. She is here for all your FAQ needs!

-Donor Perks: New Donor Perks have been added! For a look at what those are and what they do, visit the Donations website page here:

-Trade Chat: Use this separate chat to post Trade Offers. Plain and simple. Just type /t before your offer to use it and /mlt to repost your previous offer. Rather not see Trade chat? Type /togglechat to hide it.

-Community Maps (Minecraft/Pony/Gimmick/Vanilla Custom Maps): There are now a number of community-made maps on the server. These range from Pony themed to Minecraft themed maps, as well as Gimmick maps like Balloon Race, Eggwar, and TFKart to Vanilla gamemode custom maps.

-Thirdperson: Many of you who play TF2 should be familiar with this plugin. If not, basically type /tp or /thirdperson in chat to use the taunt camera view as a thirdperson mode. Want to go back to first person? Just type /fp or /firstperson.

-Call Admin, Anti-name hack, Spray Tracer, etc.: These are the many behind the scenes/maintenance plugins on the server. These various plugins help admins deter griefs. Call Admin is a plugin you can use to report a trouble player on the server, whether they be mic spamming, hacking, or breaking any of our rules, and a player can be silently reported even if an admin is on or off the server. To use it, simply type /call in chat and pick the problem player from the list. Then pick the reason that represents the situation the closest, or choose the last option on the last page to type a custom reason in chat. After the report is complete, if an admin is on the server, they will receive a message in chat; if no admins are present, a report bot will message all online admins via Steam chat and an admin will be online to answer the report in due time.

-Auto-Updater: Probably one of the hardest problems with maintaining a TF2 server is keeping it up to date, as TF2 updates frequently. And, one of the problems with the previous setup of the server, was that it didn’t have an auto updater. Now, whenever a TF2 or Steamcmd Update is released, the server will be automatically aware and give all current players 5 minutes to either finish the current round or vacate the server before the countdown finishes. It will also prevent new players from entering the server during this countdown. After the server has finished updating (time will vary, but usually isn’t more than 5-15 minutes), it will bring itself back up again. Now, from previous experience, some updates may cause the server to stay down due to Sourcemod (comparable to Bukkit in Minecraft) not being compatible to the newest update. If this happens and the server is staying down for more than 20 minutes, please notify me on Skype, or post on the forums and I’ll look into it.

Now with all these new modes, maps and features, there will also be many things that will require you to download files. Don’t worry, you won’t download everything all at once. How much you download just depends on what gamemode/map is currently playing on the server. Some modes have more to download than others. But I can assure you, it’s all part of the process. As we currently do not have a Fast Download Server setup, some downloads for certain modes might take longer than you’d rather wait. For these instances I have created download packs. One for each gamemode/map and have divided them into categories. Think you’re only going to play certain maps or modes on the server? Then only download the files you think you’ll use while on the server. There’s also a document with separate map download links should you have a problem with a specific map. Just visit the links on the Main TF2 page here for them: .

And in addition to everything I’ve stated thus far, there will be Community Event Nights, where there will be featured event times (Times To Be Determined) where we all play one certain gamemode such as Zombie Fortress for an extended time, as well as times where I will introduce a gamemode not normally available on the server, gain feedback and then tuck it away again for another event time. Sound good? Awesome! Let’s play some TF2!

Disclaimer from The Desk of Daring Do: As server maintenance often goes, not everything will be perfect or meet everyone’s needs all the time. And, this being a new set-up, I will be relying heavily on players (your, yes you, the one reading this)’ feedback. Think something should be added, changed, or modified? Want a specific map to be played? Have an idea for an event night? Drop me a line on Skype, or make a thread on the forums, and I, TF2 staff and the community will look at it. I want this to be everyone’s server and I want everyone to have the best experience possible while playing on it. So do not be afraid to suggest things or provide feedback. I will be listening. Thanks. ~Daring Do

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