Introducing MLC’s new Internet Relay Chat!


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All right everypony! We’re bringing out a new thing for all of you who like to chat and hang out.  Introducing MLC’s new IRC, or Internet Relay Chat!

(UPDATE: If you were kicked early on due to sessions limits, that issue should be fixed now. If you have problems connecting, let staff know through the forums or other means. Thanks!)

Many of you are probably already in the MLC Official Skype chat. We think it’s wonderful to have a place for the community to come together and talk about things while not playing  Minecraft or another game. This is our newest iteration of a chat for any and all to hop into, and is one that will hopefully be more accessible for users!

You can find a link to the chat -here- and down below will be all kinds of information and important commands for those of you who want to know more!

For the time being enjoy the new chat, and happy Minecrafting!

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That’s right everyone, it’s time for the Summer Sun Celebration! Not only is it time for the Summer Solstice, but for those of you who live in the United States, Independence Day is right around the corner too. NOT ONLY THAT, but the server anniversary is on June 27th! So We’re wrapping this all up into one big pile of party!


The Festivities will begin at 12:00pm PST (NOON) Saturday June 28th and continue on June 29th at 12:00pm PST (NOON)


In minecraft around Ponyville and Everfree


We’ve got 3 reasons to celebrate this time, So we’re giving you all something big to play with. For the Summer Sun Celebration we will have multiple challenges based on the Friendship is Magic Pilot!
That’s Right! We are going to recreate the fateful Ponyville Summer Sun Celebration for the Summer Sun Celebration!
Keep your eyes out for descriptions of each event as they are added


Ever wanted to go insane from sleep deprivation? Well if you want to, join in with some of us who are going to stay up and welcome the dawn on Sunday the 29th

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Rules Update

Updated rules from your neighborhood friendly princesses!

Hey Pones. We’ve recently made an update to our rules. We’d been seeing players taking Factions too seriously or just being jerkwads about just playing games, frankly users need to get over it when things happen to them as part of the way the game is meant to be played and not lower themselves to the sort of behavior this rule is talking about. The new rule is as follows:

“At the end of the day this community is just about playing games. Lashing out and calling each other names, and slandering each other over stuff in a game, like Factions, is not acceptable. In short, don’t make it personal. Don’t make it a problem. If something is bothering you about a game mode you are playing, don’t play it, or speak with a staff member about the issue if it is something that staff could solve. Any player caught making personal attacks out of anger or spite will be subject to punishment in the form of mutes or bans at staff discretion.”

Again, verbally abusing players or going around behind their backs to lie about them and discredit them is not okay. Painting yourself as a victim or a hero of a situation where you were also in the wrong is not okay.

Anyway, Happy Minecrafting.

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Announcing: Plot Lots!

All right everypony! Some exciting news here. Some of you may remember the Build Cubes from shortly before the new maps a while ago. Well, we’re happy to present to you the newest form of this building area.

From the plugin PlotMe comes MLC’s new Plot Lots. These are plots of land that any user can go into and build fun things for the server’s Equestria! You can find more information on just what this means –here–.

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Updates Complete. Welcome to 1.7.9

All right everypony. Server’s back up and running after a few good hours of metal box kicking. If you’re going to hop on, make sure you set your Minecraft to version to 1.7.9 to log in. Now, we had some issues involving inventories between worlds, but after some extensive testing on both staff and regular users, we believe the situations are solved.

There’s still a chance that issues may arise from just normal play, as multiple plugins had to be fiddled with. If you find any issues, make sure to post on the forums as specifically as possible. That way staff can address the issue and solve it as swiftly and accurately as possible.

In the mean time, happy Minecrafting!


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