War… war never changes.

Factions is upon us, but this is only the beginning. This is a beta and changes are coming. Some notes:

Class abilities are currently disabled in the factions world. A more balanced version of class abilities will be released later. For now though, it’s vanilla.

The difficulty for that world is set to “Hard”. Fun!

Factions require at least 2 members to claim land.


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An Open Letter to the Server


Hey there ponies, for this announcement I thought we would do something a bit different. This is a very important topic that we as staff have noticed for some time now and it’s not an easy or simple thing to address. To start off, we have noticed that a percentage of players are very hostile towards others on a daily basis, and another equal percentage is extremely prone to creating and fanning drama across global chat. Both of these have a huge negative impact on the overall experience of the server and reflect very poorly upon our playerbase, staff, and community in general. We also have members who have previously held a staff spot that are also known by us to create and spread rumors- and I would like to explain how we will be dealing with them from now on as well. Essentially I want this post to be completely open and honest not from my personal standpoint, but the views of the staff as whole as we’ve witnessed and observed the happenings of the server and we have a lot of concerns that directly involve you guys, the players.

Chat and Player Conduct
I would like to say that we as a server can not allow global chat or any other chat besides private messages to be flooded with the amount of hate, drama, or aggression towards others that we’ve witnessed in the past month alone. We have an announcement that gets put up on the server alerting you guys of the /ignore command that is openly available to every single one of you. If you have an issue with another player that you can not resolve, please, as a favor to us and your fellow players /ignore the problematic player. I also want to urge that Staff are not here to play the teacher on the playground, we can’t help you with any grudges you hold against each other as those are solely between you- instead, if someone insists on keeping their arguments and disputes public we are forced to mute both parties to spare the rest of the server from their fights.

The other side to this is a large intolerance by some of the older playerbase towards newfoals- often we see new players login, ask a question and immediately receive flaming for not reading signs around spawn. Everypony here was new at one point, and everyone had their questions that they may have missed the answers to- it’s not helpful to anyone to attack the new players and it certainly doesn’t reflect well upon yourselves or this community. This is another situation where if you’re unwilling to be helpful or (to use an overused quote) if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all towards new players. Realize they’re here because they want to be a part of the community and contribute as much as anyone else, if they’re met with hostility immediately then there’s no reason for them to stay, and that’s not alright at all.

It’s getting to the point where we as staff almost feel as though we need to crackdown on the extremely negative ponies who insist on making things harder for other people, and those who believe they can turn global chat into a “poor me” story time. Both types of player entirely diminish the amount of fun, friendliness, and sense of community that we as staff and players alike have worked so hard over the past 2 years to create and bestow upon everyone. If we notice the same people consistently creating a hostile environment then we will enact punishment against them to help restore the neutralaity and kindness that we built this community on.

Staff Happenings
We’ve also noticed that there has been a fair amount of hostility towards staff in general, believing we’re here to flaunt power over users, that we dislike the community, or that we stopped caring. I can ensure you, if there was no love for the server, community, or players we would not be here 2 years later still volunteering our time and work to everyone. We’re still very much aimed at helping you guys, creating a loving community, and making things as fun as possible for everyone involved here. We don’t claim to know how to make everything perfect, and we don’t claim to know what’s best 100% of the time, but we do know that we want for you guys to be happy, and we want to have fun and play games alongside everyone here.

That being said, we’re also well aware of past staff who have spread rumors, created controversy, and have essentially attacked us behind our backs. We realize that when these things come from previous staff, you guys are a lot more obliged to believe them- and why wouldn’t you? If they had come from the innerworkings then they must know what’s going on. Well, to be frank, we’re sick of it. We here have always believed that internal matters stay internal, and that the reasonings for staff being removed from a position of power should remain to the knowledge of staff- however, when these members believe they can create a personal army and spread rumors around we have to question at what point we step up and defend ourselves. That being said, we will now be entirely willing to state why a staff member has been demoted, removed, or kicked off of staff. We will not hold back if said member(s) decides they want to create a system of lies aimed at harming us and our reputation because it’s not fair to us, and it’s not fair to you guys to not hear the full story and instead be pulled into their drama.

On that note, staff involvement as a whole should be much more open to you guys. We’ve been trying to find ways to communicate our ideas and plans for the server in a clearer and easier manner. We say it as often as we can, but this server does not exist for us, it exists for you, the community to enjoy. Yes, we’ll have fun playing games with everyone, but all of these changes are aimed at creating a better experience for every player here. I would also like to point out our “Staff Q&A” thread where every user can ask us questions, whether they be silly or serious and we try to answer them as best we can ^^

What Comes Next
This all being said, we want the future to be bright, and we have plans to readvertise in a number of locations shortly after Factions launches (Which should be Friday). Please consider everything that has been said here, and reflect upon how you as a member can help us improve here- when we bring in new players we want them to feel welcomed and as much a part of this community as anyone else here.

Thanks for reading! As always, keep calm and pony on

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Hunger Games Are Here!


We’re proud to announce that the Hunger Games have hit Mine Little Crafty! You can join in the fun by going to the Warp Hub and heading to the Games Bar! From there, you’ll find signs helping you get started. For those unaware of what the Hunger Games in Minecraft are, here’s a quick rundown:

Players begin in the center of the arena, the game will either start automatically once 15 people join, or if you’re missing a few, you can /SG Vote to start the game. The game will enter a 20 second countdown, once it hits zero, players are given another 20 seconds before PvP is enabled. During this time you may move from your spawnpoint and rush forward to grab as much gear as you can from the Tree of Harmony! After that, scour the map for better loot, gear up, and fight to the death as it’s a last pony standing battlefield! Once the game is over, the lobby and map will reset and you may join again! If a game is already in progress and you want to play, don’t fret- you may right click the join sign and queue up for the next round!

Please note, we are still bugfixing this mode and map- if you run into any game breaking issues please report them to us and we’ll try to fix them as soon as we can!
**side note, class abilities will be disabled for this gamemode soon to level the playing field!

Good luck and have fun pones!

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Map Download: Previous Freebuild/Equestria World

All right pones. So with the old EQ/Freebuild combo world gone, it’s time you got a download link. Read more ›

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Introducing the Future of Mine Little Crafty


**Edit: Yes, this was our April Fools post :p

Now that the night has fully settled, we can come out from the shadows as we here at Square Horse/Mine Little Crafty are proud to reveal our greatest vision for the server yet- the rebranding of MLC to become Angst and Edge! For too long we’ve been restricted by the shows catering to a younger audience and we believe that in order to truly follow our dreams of making A&E the best Pony Minecraft server out there, we need to listen to our hearts. Read more ›

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