An Experiment

Due to persistent lag issues we will be shutting off one of our plugins temporarily starting on Tuesday to determine how big a factor it is in the issue. The plugin will be MythicMobs, which means that dungeons currently available will have to be temporarily shut down for a day or two while we evaluate performance changes.

Expect those things to reopen Thursday morning.

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Community Feedback: Faction Changes Ideas

At the end of this post is a link that will take you to a thread on our forums about Staff and Community ideas for Factions. If you’d like to read more about staff’s position and ideas about our Factions worlds, click that link! There is also a poll that we would greatly appreciate users voting in, to help us better gauge opinions about what needs to be done to help the Factions world out.

Thanks in advance!

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Into the Stable…

Goooooood Morning Equestria!

It’s me everypony! Three D- I mean, DJ Po-, Err… Pinkieeeee Pie~! How’s everypony doing?

Just got a report here that with the conclusion of Nightmare Night 2014 things are calming down, and many events are being stowed away for safekeeping. Turns out I have another report saying that the Stable 34 dungeon is going to still be accessible through a secret entrance in Equestria.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Pinkie! Why is that one staying open?” The answer to that children is that this dungeon in particular is also the Lounge dungeon that has been mentioned by the Brotherhood of Staff every now and again.

You see children, the 200 bit entry fee that the Lounge has had for a while was never meant to be a permanent solution. Instead, it had been decided to make Lounge access a challenge to acquire out of respect for those that paid their hard earned cash to gain entry before the whole debacle with Mojang and their EULA.

Now listen up children, this next part is important. The location of Stable 34 is largely a secret. Very few ponies know of it’s location. That said good ol’ Pinkie has you covered with some hints to the location.

Getting straight to the point, it’s somewhere in eastern Equestria. Just to help you get across the suspension a bit, if you know your Fallout Equestria Lore, then you’ll know it’s location as one Little Pip could find a Water Purification Talisman. Want another hint you say? Well you can get over it. :3

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Technical Difficulties, We’ll be right back




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